Four medical marijuana bills advance through South Dakota House Committee

February 16, 2024

PIERRE, S.D.–In a session full of bills tinkering with South Dakota’s medical marijuana laws, a House committee passed four more medical cannabis bills Thursday.

The House Health and Human Services Committee passed Senate Bills 10, 11, 42, and 43.

Senate Bill 10 passed 7 to 4. It says if a dispensary issues a medical cannabis certification to a patient, they must notify the patient’s primary or referring physician.

Senate Bill 11 passed 12 to 0. It prohibits a doctor from referring a patient to a medical cannabis clinic in which the practitioner or their immediate family has a financial relationship.

Senate Bill 42 passed 10 to 2. It is a cleanup bill that modifies several laws concerning medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 43 increases the fee for a medical cannabis facility to $14,000.

All four bills had previously passed the Senate. They now head to the House for further consideration.