Following legal ruling in her favor, Kay Solberg makes a bid for seat on Watertown City Council  (Audio)

June 4, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Kay Solberg is the only female city council candidate on the ballot in Watertown this month, and even before the election, she’s already a winner in a sense.

That’s because she won a legal challenge to get in the race in Ward A.

The Watertown City Finance Office rejected her petition signatures because the form she submitted did not include a zip code.

She hired a lawyer, went to court, and a judge ruled she should be on the ballot as a candidate.

Now that she is, Solberg wants Watertown to do a better job of budget planning for large expenditures through its five-year Capital Improvement Plan….

Solberg’s opponent in Ward A is former councilman Mike Danforth.

Election Day is June 15th.

Monday, we visit with Ward C Councilman Michael Heuer, who’s running for re-election.

Hear the full interview with Kay Solberg below: