Flight schedule changes, terminal construction update discussed at Watertown Airport Board meeting  (Audio)

September 13, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Flight schedule changes are coming to Watertown Regional Airport next month.

Airport Manager Todd Syhre said at Monday’s Airport Board meeting that you’ll still be able to fly non-stop to either Chicago or Denver on SkyWest Airlines or Denver Air Connection (DAC), but the times of the departures and arrivals will be changing…

One of the selling points of the airport is the free parking it offers to people flying, but with more than 5,000 passenger boardings the past two months, parking availability has been getting tight….

Syhre gave the board a construction update on the new airport terminal…

The new terminal will open next summer.

Here’s the new flight schedule, effective October 6th:

Outbound flights (departure time from Watertown)

1. 5:45AM to Chicago——SkyWest

2. 8:45AM to Chicago——DAC

3. 2:40PM to Denver——–SkyWest

4. 5:25PM to Denver——–DAC

Inbound flights (arrival time in Watertown)

1. 2:15PM from Denver——–SkyWest

2. 4:35PM from Chicago——-DAC

3. 6:30PM from Denver——–DAC

4. 11:11PM from Chicago——SkyWest