Finishing touches on Highway 212 project in Watertown planned for this spring  (Audio)

April 5, 2023
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–Road construction crews still have some finishing work to do on that major Highway 212 project in Watertown that was done last summer.

Workers simply ran out of time to get everything done before winter set in.

South Dakota DOT Engineer Bryce Olson explains what’s left to finish up….

Olson says once they get started, they’re looking at about six weeks to get everything finished up….

To what degree will this remaining work impact traffic flow on 212????

Olson says three other construction projects in and around Watertown are on the schedule for this summer. One is a chip and seal project on the bridge on Willow Creek Drive east of 19th Street.

Another is replacing two box culverts underneath Highway 81 just north of Watertown.

A third project involves some patchup work on Highway 212 from 19th Street to just east of Interstate 29.