EV owners in North Dakota: Less politics, more charging stations

May 7, 2024

BISMARCK, ND – It might not be surprising that North Dakota ranks low for electric vehicle adoption. But existing owners say they’re frustrated elected officials in the state resist the movement, making it hard to expand EV activity in a rural state.

Republican Governor Doug Burgum and the state’s two U-S senators have recently spoken out against regional and federal efforts to aid in the transition to E-Vs.

Shannon Mohn of the North Dakota E-V Owners group says there’s too much politics surrounding the issue, leaving states such as his behind in adding fast charging stations. He says a big factor is that he can charge it at home and park it in his garage on cold nights.

Mohn acknowledges it takes additional planning to cross North Dakota, given the current infrastructure landscape. North Dakota is using federal money awarded to states to enhance its charging network, but Senator Kevin Cramer contends incentives are a waste, arguing there isn’t a strong market.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says even with political forces and other factors at play, many forecasts still expect a strong acceleration in E-V adoption.