Danforth looking for answers on unfinished construction project downtown, saying it looks “terrible”  (Audio)

January 16, 2024
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–A Watertown City Councilman is looking for answers on an unfinished apartment building project in downtown Watertown.

Ward A Councilman Mike Danforth brought up The Ruins at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

That’s an unfinished apartment construction project on Kemp Avenue just east of Community Foundation Plaza.

Construction hit a standstill last year. The building remains unoccupied and Danforth wants some answers….

City Manager Amanda Mack…

Public Works Director Heath VonEye didn’t have any answers without doing some research…

Danforth says he and the citizens of Watertown would appreciate some answers….

The Ruins is a planned four-story, 63 unit apartment building that would replace the former Palace Apartments, which were torn down.

The developer on the project is Jesse Craig, who’s working on an agreement to sell another apartment building he owns in downtown Watertown called The Lofts.