Congrats to Harley and Harley’s owner Cindi Foster who was voted the cutest pet during Watertown Radio’s Cutest Pets Contest brought to you by….

Glacial Lakes Veterinary Clinic
Midwest Veterinary Service
Critter Mart
Westside Animal Clinic

Cindi and Harley won a $400 prize pack that included…..
-A $ 50 Critter Mart prize back which includes, gift cards, dog chews and treats

-Annual membership to Midwest Vet which includes, 1 well pet annual exam with core vaccines, 1 pet exam for illness or injury, 2 nail trims or gland expressions, 10% cashback on member spending and 1% of member spending going to help local animals in need. A $160 value.

-$25 gift card to Odyssey 8 Theater in Watertown

-$100 in Watertown Bucks

-$50 Gift Card from Glacial Lakes Veterinary Clinic

-Westside Animal Clinic gift pack that includes pet toys, shampoo and dog treats