Buccigross: Augustana D-I hockey can exponentially grow interest in the game around the state

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Thanks to Jon Winkler of KCCR for the story

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KCCR) — Augustana University on Wednesday confirmed reports for the plan to begin a Division-I Hockey team in Sioux Falls. The first report came from ESPN anchor John Buccigross.

Augustana has laid out a plan to transition from D-II throughout each of the programs and this is another step forward for the university, labeled “Viking Bold: The Journey to 2030.” The hockey team will be the first Division-I hockey team in the state of South Dakota.

Buccigross is always watching college hockey news and he says this was unexpected from a national standpoint:

Buccigross says the best part is a new state will be involved with Division-I college hockey:

Buccigross says this can exponentially grow interest in the game of hockey around the state:

Augustana plans to begin in 2023 so Buccigross says they have time to iron out details but he believes they will stay ahead of the game:

Augustana will line out more details in the late summer or early fall for its continued plan.