BREAKING: Overnight fire at Lake Poinsett campground destroys campers, boats, vehicles  (Audio)

June 9, 2020

Mike Tanner


LAKE POINSETT, S.D.–A busy night at a campground just south of Lake Poinsett Estates Campground some 20 miles south of Watertown early Tuesday as area firefighters fought a large fire there.

It happened around 2:15 this morning, shortly after severe storms rolled through that area.

KWAT News Director Mike Tanner spoke with Dave Schafer, Hamlin County’s emergency management director…


He says it was a fast-moving fire, fueled by strong winds…

Schafer says severe storms were in the area right before the fire started, but he’s not sure if it was weather-related. He says there were strong storms just west of the campground shortly before the first started. He says it’s possible, but not certain, that it could have been started by a lightning strike. He says it also could be electrical in nature, or could have started from a campfire that was not completely extinguished. 

He says there was one dog that perished in the fire.