Bramble Park Zoo working to retain AZA accreditation  (Audio)

December 2, 2019
Mike Tanner
KWAT Radio News


WATERTOWN, S.D.—Only about 10 percent of the nation’s zoos are accredited by the AZA—the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown is one of them, but they’ve got some work to do to retain that distinction.

On Monday night, the city council heard from Parks and Rec Director Terry Kelly and Zoo Director Dan Miller (pictured) about what the AZA wants to see going forward.

The primary area of concern is an animal quarantine building that must meet AZA standards. It’s something Bramble Park Zoo does not currently have.

Their hope is to get one built, and retain accreditation. If they lose it, Miller says they could lose some animals too…

Miller says AZA representatives will visit Bramble Park Zoo next summer to get a look at things, which is information they’ll use to make their decision….

Miller says they’ll need about $63,000 to get an engineering plan drawn up for the quarantine building. If that happens, he believes the zoo will be in good shape in regards to accreditation.