Bill raising North Dakota’s interstate speed limit to 80 mph sent to Governor Burgum

March 23, 2023

BISMARCK, N.D.–A bill raising speed limits on North Dakota’s interstate highways is going to the governor’s desk.

By a 25-to-21 vote, the state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill to boost speed limits to 80 miles an hour — with exceptions in city limits.

That’s an increase from the current 75 mph limit.

The bill carrier, Minot Republican Sen. Bob Paulson, cited a Federal Highway Administration study which found that the speed 85% of drivers travel at or below is one of the best indicators of a reasonable and safe speed – and that speed is 82 mph in North Dakota.

Paulson said raising the limit causes slower traffic to move up to the prevailing speed, and brings a more uniform traffic flow. He also noted that South Dakota and Montana have 80mph limits on interstates.

Last month, the House passed the measure 65-to-29.