Big changes could be coming to Fargo’s Hector International Airport

August 3, 2022

FARGO, N.D.–There could be some big changes coming to Fargo’s Hector International Airport.

Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein said a study, launched last fall, is being conducted to determine the needs of the airport and its commercial occupants as well as the flying public.

Dobberstein said it all points to the need for an expansion at the airport.

“We currently have five gates on the passenger terminal,” Dobberstein said. “We’re looking to expand toward the east and add four additional gates, maybe for a total of nine, or at least space to put four gates. We may only add two jetways at this time and then add two in the future.”

Dobberstein said early estimates put the cost of the expansion around $115 million. He said an expansion of that size would make a significant change in the footprint of the airport.

“Maybe where the checkpoint is located, additional food and beverage opportunities, larger restrooms, a sensory room, pet relief areas, things of that nature,” Dobberstein said. “It’s going to really change the look and feel of the terminal building to give people more space as they arrive and depart from the airport.”

The last time an expansion took place at Hector was 2008 when a fifth gate and third baggage handling unit were added.