BBB: Poor night of shooting dooms Arrows

Brent Nathaniel

BRANDON, S.D. ( — A poor night of shooting for the Arrows would send Brandon Valley past Watertown 61-35 in high school boys basketball Saturday night.

Watertown shot 28 percent from the field while the Lynx would shoot fifty percent.

Watertown was led by Dawson Schmidt with 11 points on the night. Kale Stevenson and Mack Johnson would each add five, Drew Norberg and Cole Holden would each add four points.

With 18 points, Joe Kolbeck would lead Brandon Valley and all scorers.

Watertown (7-12) wraps up their regular season on February 25th at home against Huron.

Brandon Valley 56, Watertown 49
Evan Hamre – 12

Brandon Valley 60, Watertown 47
Sam Bach – 12