November 12, 2019

Mike Tanner

KWAT Radio News


WATERTOWN, S.D.—Bad weather in Chicago cost Watertown two of its flights Monday–one arrival and one departure.


O’Hare Airport saw more than 1,200 cancelled flights due to several inches of snow that fell in the windy city.


Things ground to a halt after an inbound flight to O’Hare—American Eagle flight 4125 from Greensboro, North Carolina—skidded off a runway.


There were 38 passengers and three crew members on the airplane. There were no injuries. 


The bad weather resulted in the cancellation of a 12 noon United Express arrival from Chicago into Watertown, and a 12:30 departure from Watertown to O’Hare.


Watertown Regional Airport Manager Todd Syhre says service from Watertown to Denver was not impacted.