Agricultural Information from Watertown Radio

Listen to AG HOUR with Chuck Langner on KWAT 950 am Weekdays from 11 am – 12 pm.  Below are some interviews with various people speaking about items of interest to those involved with agriculture.

5-7-18 – Anthony Bly, SDSU Soils Field Specialist in SF Regional Office talks about fertilizing, soil tests and shortages in the soil.

5-7-18 – Krystil Smit, Executive Director with the SD Farm Bureau, talks about issues concerning Agriculture.

5-4-18 – Ray Gosmire, Agronomist with Channel Seeds in Mitchell talks about conditions in his area.

5-3-18 –  Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union, talks about Farm Bill and other issues with Agriculture.

5-1-18 – Jeff Zimprich, NRCS State Conservationist in Huron, discusses wetlands, water and what producers need to be aware of before draining any water.

4-30-18 – Stacy Hadrick, a member of the SD Farm Bureau and SD Beef Council, talks about May Beef month, why SDFB is past of the Beef Council and check-off dollars.

4-30-18 – Dr. David Wright, SDSU Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science Department Heads, talks about a Wheat Symposium that will be held in Brookings and also about some past scientists important for Wheat.

4-27-18 –  Tracey Erickson, SDSU Dairy Field Specialist in Watertown talks about the webinar on USDA’s Margin Protection Program and also how dairy came through the storms.

4-27-18 – Laura Edwards, SDSU State Climatologist at Aberdeen discusses weather patterns and what is in store for us.

4-26-18 – Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union discusses what is happening on the Farm Bill and Ethanol waivers granted by the EPA.

4-25-18 – Pete Bauman, Pasture and Range Management Field Specialist with SDSU, talks about grass and events coming up.

4-24-18 – Watertown Area FFA Students and Advisor Ashley Weicamp, talk about the banquet coming up and also about starting an alumni association by hold a student work auction.

4-24-18 – John Goodin, Ag Director of WGFA in Waseca, Ill, talks about conditions in Illinois.

4-23-18 – Dale  Rengstorf, President of the Minnesota Buffalo Ass’n, talks about consumer acceptance of buffalo, nutritious, and raising of buffalo.

4-23-18 – Andrew Walmsley, Farm Bill Lobbyist for AFBF talks about the Farm Bill and what is in store.

4-20-18 – Rick Small, Codington Co. Highway Superintendent, talks roads, bridges, retirement and changes.

4-19-18 – Paul Johnson, SDSU Extension Weed Specialist, discusses early weed growth, dicamba certification and other topics on Weed Control.

4-19-18 – Steve Sutera, Farmer and retired agronomist from Tyndall, SD talks about conditions down there.

4-18-18 – Eddie Griffis, farmer in Lubbock, Texas, joins us to discuss conditions in Northern Texas.

4-18-18 – Greg Hortsmeier, Sr Editor at DTN talks about the spring survey they did on Farmers Agriculture Confidence Index.

4-17-18 – Dan Tonak, Vo-Ag Instructor at Willow Lake and FFA Advisor talks about FFA, how it has changed and also the State Convention.

4-16-18 – Marty Bertsch, County Director of the FSA Office in Codington and Clark talks about the Livestock Indemnity Program.

4-16-18 – Lowell Messman, West Regional Manager for the SD Farm Bureau discusses several topics concerning AG.

4-10-18 – Chanda Engel, Extension Cow-Calf Field Specialist, talks about Annies Project, a training for women in Agriculture.  Also discusses needs for cattle in colder conditions.

4-10-18 – Reid Christopherson, Executive Director of SD Wheat Commission, talks about the condition of the wheat and also spring wheat potential.

4-9-18 – Anthony Bly, SDSU Ext. Soils Field Specialist in SF, discusses soil health and fertility.

4-9-18 – David Salmonsen, Sr. Director of the American Farm Bureau Federation joins us to talk trade issues on the national level.

4-6-18 – Nathan Mueller, Extension Agronomist in Dodge Co., Nebraska talks about conditions around his area.

4-6-18 – Heidi Carroll, SDSU Extension Livestock Stewardship Associate and the new SD BQA Coordinator, discusses the new demands of some of the packers for BQA.

4-5-18 – Dr. Russ Daly, SDSU Extension Vet, talks about the weather conditions and how it is affecting the cows and calves.

4-5-18 – Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union, talks about ag issues that are hitting the farmers.

4-4-18 – Mark Hodges, Executive Director of Plains Grains in Oklahoma, talks about the drought and how the wheat is handling it and also some changes in planting intentions.

4-4-18 – Kelsey Hoffman, Agriculture Extension Agent with NDSU Extension Service in Fargo, talks about conditions up there and also how calving is going.

4-3-18 – DuWayne Bosse, Bolt Marketing, talks about the markets and what is happening after the report came out March 29th.

4-3-18 – Matt Smith, President of the SD Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers group discussed what he enjoys about being an Ag Advocate.

3-30-18 – Joel Foxley, Farmer from Platte, SD, talks about conditions down in the Platte area.

3-30-18 – Warren Rusche, Beef Feedlot Specialist at SDSU, discusses conditions of feedlots, feeding and health of animals.

3-29-18 – Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union, discusses the Crop Insurance Program (IMSET) Inventory Management Soil Enhancement, and how this is moving along.

3-29-18 – Keith Alverson, farmer in Chester-Madison area and also Board of Director on the National Corn Growers and the SD Corn Growers talks about issues with the Corn Growers and on the Farm.

3-28-18 – Morgan Kohl, student at Waverly-South Shore, was crowned the SD Dairy Princess.  She tells us what will be her duties and what steps she had to take to get to this point.

3-28-18 – Russ Higgins, Extension Agronomist with the University of Illinois in Dekalb, discusses conditions in Northern Illinois.

3-28-18 – Gared Shaffer, Extension Weed Field Specialist in Aberdeen, talks about research done with Dicamba Products drift damage.

3-27-18 – Laura Edwards, State Climatologist with SDSU, talks about where the weather is taking us over the next few weeks.

3-26-18 – Katie Schoenfelder, member of the SD Farm Bureau Collegiate group talks about where the future of Ag is headed and what the chapter is doing.

3-26-18 – Tim Osteem, Centerville, Director on the SD Soybean Research and Promotions Council, talks about the ‘See For Yourself’ Tour.

3-23-18 – Glen Mueller, Executive Director of the SD Pork Producers Council, discusses how the tariff could affect SD Pork Producers.

3-23-18 – Wayne Soren, Vice President of the SD Farmers Union, discusses the Wind Farms and other events.

3-21-18 – John Rickerson, Agronomist with the Hettinger Research Farm in ND, talks about conditions over there.

3-21-18 –  Taylor Grussing, Cow-Calf Field Specialist in Mitchell Regional Extension Office talks about feeding cattle to encourage daytime calving.

3-19-18 – Krystil Smit, Executive Director with the SD Farm Bureau talks with Mark Panek about happens.

3-19-18 – Guest Host Paul Johnson, SDSU Weed Specialist, talked with Plant Science Dept. Head David Wright about the Precision Ag Building.

3-15-18 – Scott Gilbertson, Feed Consultant with CHS Feeds, talks about feeding cattle, calving, how the livestock is handling the winter.

3-14-18 – Mark Panek talks with Karla Hernandez, Forage Field Specialist in Watertown Regional Extension Office.

3-12-18 – David VanderVliet, Manager of the Elevator at Herriod, SD, talks about how things are out there.

3-12-18 – Cindy Foster, with the Women’s Leadership Team with the SD Farm Bureau, talks about the events that the Women’s Leadership Team are involved with.

3-12-18 – Bob Fanning, Agronomist with Country Pride Coop, talks about the winter and how the wheat is surviving the winter.

3-6-18 – Matt Bainbridge, Chairman of the SD Soybean Research and Promotions Council, talks about the Soy100 meeting coming up.

3-5-18 – Adam Krause, Pig Farmer from Clear Lake, was awarded the “Pig Farmer of Tomorrow” at the National meeting.  We talked to Adam about that and also his operation.

3-5-18 – Brenda Dreyer, SD Farm Bureau Marketing and Communications Director, talks about what has been happening with the Farm Bureau.

3-2-18 – Jeff Held, Sheep Specialist, discusses some new diseases that have hit the sheep industry and also how lambing is going.

3-2-18 –  Laura Edwards, State Climatologist, gives us an update of what is happening and what is coming.

2-27-18 – Mike Held, Lobbyist for the SD Farm Bureau, discusses some of the bills that are being discussed in the Legislature.

2-27-18 – John Goodin, Farm Broadcaster on WGFA radio in Watseca, Ill.  and a seed salesmen talks about the flooding in Illinois and planting intentions.

2-26-18 – Suzy Geppert, Executive Director of the SD Beef Industry Council, gives us an update on the check-off, how it is being used and also what is new.

2-23-2018 – Tracey Erickson, Dairy Field Specialist in Watertown Regional Extension Center discusses the Dairy-Beef bus tour going on March 27 and also feeding dairy steers.

2-23-18 – Ken Nelson, Extension Livestock Educator in Montana talks about the conditions in Eastern Montana.

2-22-18 – Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union discusses topics that are of interest to the Agriculture community.

2-22-18 – Gared Schaffer, Weed Field Specialist in Aberdeen Regional Extension Office talks about the Precision Ag Conference and also about weed control and Dicamba.

2-21-18 – Beltway Beef, a audio produced by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Ass’n (NCBA), talked about “Fake Meat” that is being sold.

2-21-18 – Rick Haines, Ag Broadcaster in Idaho, talks about conditions in his area.

2-20-18 – Laura Edwards, SDSU State Climatologist, discusses the new report that just came out and what we are looking at over the next couple of months.

2-20-18 – Five FFA members from the Watertown Area FFA, talked about events that are happening for National FFA Week this week and also about some of the projects they are doing.

2-19-18 –  Matt Smith, President of the Young, Farmers and Ranchers with the SD Farm Bureau, talks about the convention they were at in Reno, Nevada.

2-16-18 – Chip Kent, Owner of Locus Grove Fruit Farm in Milton, New York, discusses conditions out there and how the fruit is surviving the winter.

2-16-18 – Russ Higgins, Agronomist with Univ. of Illinois in Dekalb, talks about conditions there and what things look for this spring.

2-15-18 – Wayne Soren, Vice President of the SD Farmers Union talks about the legislature, Nation Farmers Union Mtg, and other items interested to AG.

2-15-18 – Tom Schmidt, Agronomist with Syngenta, talks about getting ready for spring planting.

2-14-18 – DuWayne Bosse, with Bolt Marketing in Britton, talks about what is happening in the markets and how global markets and production affect our markets.

2-14-18 – Mark Hodges, Executive Dir of Plains Grain in Oklahoma, talks on the drought and how it is affecting the winter wheat in the 4 state area.

2-13-18 – Warren Rusche, Feedlot Specialist at SDSU, talks about cost sharing of cattle and the calculator they came up with and feedlots.

2-13-18 – Josh Kettwig, with Farm Credit Services of America, insurance discusses crop insurance.

2-12-18 – Helen Keppert, SDFB East River Manager talked about a trip the SDSU Collegiate are taking to Reno.

2-12-18 – Rep. Kristi Noem, stopped by our booth at the Watertown Winter Farm show and talked budget, farm bill and etc….

2-9-18 – Doug Noem, Vice President of the SD Corn Growers just returned from Washington, DC and talks about what he learned.

2-2-18 – Pat Hurkes, Hurkes Implement, talked to us about the history as the Hurkes Family had the 73rd Watertown Winter Farm Show dedicated to them.

1-29-18 – Eddie Griffis, farmer in Lubbock, Texas, talks about the dry conditions in Northern Texas.

1-29-18 – Lisa Elliot, SDSU Ext. Comodity Marketing Specialist, discusses the “Managing Your Margins” workshop coming up.

1-29-18 – Brian Moes, Moes Feedlot by Florence talked about the SD Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference and also about the booth at the Watertown Winter Farm Show.

1-24-18 –  Ryan Bergh, with RMB Livestock, talks about winter calving in their operation.

1-24-18 – Neal Foster, Manager of the Seed Certification at SDSU, discusses the State Crop Show at the Watertown Winter Farm Show.