Agriculture Hour

10-10-18 – DuWayne Bosse, with Bolt Marketing at Britton, discusses what is happening with the Markets.

10-10-18 – Eddie Griffis, Farmer in Lubbock, Texas, discusses conditions in his area and how the cotton crop looks as well as how harvest is going.

10-9-18 – Adam Krause, young swine farmer by Clear Lake, talks about his Pig Farmer of Tomorrow award and also his operation.

10-9-18 – John Gooding, Ag Broadcaster and Farmer at Waceca, Illinois discusses conditions in eastern Illinois and Indiana.

10-8-18 – Katie Schoenfelder, a student at SDSU and also very involved with the Collegiate Farm Bureau program talks about the program and Hobo Day.

10-5-18 –  Warren Rusche, Feedlot Specialist at SDSU, talks about the Calf Discovery Program and also discusses some weaning options.

10-4-18 – Wayne Soren, Vice President of the SD Farmers Union, talks about harvest, the new USMCA trade agreement and also E-15.

10-4-18 – Ferlyn Hofer, President of the SD Pork Producers Council, discusses his operation and bio-security.

10-2-18 – Heather Gessner, SDSU Ext. Livestock Business Management field specialist talks about getting Farmers and Ranchers to participate in the Soil Resiliency and Crop Insurance Project.

10-2-18 – Paul Johnson, SDSU Weed Specialist, talks about fall weed control and different herbicides.

10-1-18 – Marty Bertsch, County Director of the FSA in Codington and  Clark Co., discusses the Market Facilitation Program (MFP), loan program and others that may be of interest.

10-1-18 – Matt Smith, Chairman of the Young Farmers and Ranchers group with the SD Farm Bureau discusses the workshops they are at in Washington, DC.

9-27-18 – Adam Varenhorst, SDSU Ext. Entomologist, talks about stored grain pests, and soybean gall midge.

9-27-18 – Doug Sombke, President of SD Farmers Union, discusses ethanol, Young Farmer and Rancher Convention, membership, farm safety and other items.

9-26-18 – Russ Higgins, Agonomist with Univ. of Illinois Ext. Service in Dekalb, Ill., talks about the yield in Illinois.

9-26-18 – Dennis St. Aubin, Director of Sales and Marketing with CHS, talks about propane demand and how the tarrifs have affected them.

9-25-18 – Jeff Held, SDSU Sheep specialist, talks about the SD Sheep Growers Annual Mtg in Brookings.

9-25-18 – Larry Osborne, Field Agronomist with Pioneer, talks about harvest and problems they saw this year in the field.

9-24-18 – Reid Jensen, Member of the SD Farm Bureau, from Beresford, talks about farming in that area and also what is happening with Farm Bureau.

9-21-18 – DuWayne Bosse, with Bolt Marketing in Britton, discusses what is happening with the Markets.

9-21-18 – Steve Sutera, Farmer and retired agronomist in Tyndall, talks about conditions in the Tyndall area after the rains.

9-20-18 – Laura Edwards, SDSU State Climatologist, talks about what is in line for us the next couple months for weather.

9-20-18 -Rocky Forman, SD Farmers Union, talks about what he has been doing and some things going on with SD Farmer Union.

9-18-18 – Russ Daly, SDSU Extension Veterinarian, talked about the African Swine Fever disease in China as well as other diseases to be aware of.

9-18-18 – Nathan Mueller, Agronomist with the University of Nebraska Extension Service in Dodge Co. talks about crop conditions and problems they encounter down there.

9-17-18 – Ron Kohl, farmer by Clare City, discusses how harvest is going and using cover crops in his farming rotations.

9-17-18 – Krystil Smit, Executive Director of SD Farm Bureau, discusses happenings with the SD Farm Bureau.

9-13-18 -Mark Panek, interviews Doug Sombke, President of the SD Farmers Union.

9-12-18 – Centennial Farms interview – James Farm.

9-12-18 – Centennial Farms Interview – Van Gilder Farms.

9-12-18 – Centennial Farms Interview – Hanten Farms.

9-12-18 – Centennial Farms Interview – Waege Farms.

9-11-18 – Adam Varenhorst, Extension Entomologist with SDSU, discusses a new problem in soybeans called the soybean midge gall.

8-23-18 – Wayne Soren, Vice President of the SD Farmers Union, talks about State Fair, the Fly-in to Washington, DC, and trade.

8-23-18 – Jeff Held, SDSU Sheep Specialist, talks about the SD Sheep Convention, lamb consumption, and other items with sheep production.

8-22-18 – Jack Davis, SDSU Crop Business Management Specialist, discusses cash rent, operating expenses and cost of production.

8-22-18 – Jack Ingemansen, Manager of the Foundation Seeds at SDSU, talks about new wheat varieties and quality of winter and spring wheat.

8-22-18 – John McMaine, Water and soil management specialist at SDSU, talks about buffer strips and keeping water clean.

8-21-18 – Taylor Grussing, Cow-Calf Field Specialist in Mitchell, talks about problems with plastic bale wrap in the stomachs of cattle.