February 26, 2021
Mike Tanner

WATERTOWN, S.D.–A number of rural electric cooperatives in South Dakota were forced into rolling blackouts last week.

Essentially, they were told they had to cut electricity to some of their customers because the grid was overwhelmed with power demands due to tremendously cold weather across the nation’s mid-section.

Watertown Municipal Utilities did not have to institute any rolling blackouts, but General Manager Steve Lehner tells KWAT News it was close…

Why didn’t it come to that????

There’s been talk that this power grid event spells out the continuing need for reliable fossil fuels such as coal, and Lehner is on board with that…

The cold snap will result in huge price spikes in some customers’ heating bills–but not here….

At least 58 people across the country died due to the severely cold weather. In some cases, it was people who froze to death in their own homes that were without power or heat.