North Dakota woman diagnosed with coronavirus shares her story  (Audio)

Story courtesy KFGO Radio, Fargo 

March 24, 2020

BISMARCK, N.D – For anyone still downplaying the risks of COVID-19, pay attention to Alicia Rich. The 21-year old Bismarck woman was diagnosed with coronavirus last week.

One of the first North Dakotans to talk publicly about it. Rich, in an interview with KFGO News, has gone public to explain what she has gone through, hoping that others in her age group will learn from her experience. She sees people continue going out and it bothers her. She says, “acting like life is normal” when it’s not…you are not invincible,” is her message…

She works at the Bismarck Airport where she may have contracted the illness but that has not been confirmed. Rich says she had a low-grade fever but no other symptoms when she went to a doctor’s appointment last Tuesday. She was tested and the following day was notified she was positive for coronavirus.

Under quarantine at home, she is not fully recovered but slowly seeing change. She credits the state Health Department with the response the agency had and the work to track down those who she had contact with.