Vancouver Artist Creates Old-School VHS Covers for New Movies, TV Shows

instagram/iamsteelberg(VANCOUVER) — If you’re looking for the perfect gift to take you back to your childhood, look no further.

An anonymous artist from Vancouver who goes by Steelberg, or SB, has come up with a flawless way to evoke all the 1980s video store nostalgia you can possibly stand: He creates old-school VHS covers for new movies or television shows, and they’re totally tubular.

“I kind of gravitate toward the horror/scifi/fantasy genre by default as those are my favorite kinds of films and what I grew up with as a kid,” he told ABC News of his meticulous hobby.

He’s transformed everything from the popular new Netflix show “Stanger Things,” to the classic movie “Ghostbusters” and the latest Quentin Tarantino film “The Hateful Eight” into the worn, plastic-covered VHS covers you so vividly remember from being a kid.

“It’s totally something that just started happening,” he explained. “I made a VHS tape for J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ film one day, then I did another and another and it went from there. I would love to do this for a living for sure! The dream….”

For now, Steelberg said this is “far from” a business.

“It’s all about connecting with everyone. Taking everyone back,” he said. “That’s the best part!”

When it comes to choosing which films or TV shows to focus on, they’re “mostly just movies I’ve come across that I think would work well as a VHS tape,” he explained. “A lot of them are movies/TV that I’ve seen that I like and think, ‘Man, that movie/show was awesome. If I make this cover and put it out there then maybe other people will see it and think the same thing and check it out, ya know?’ It’s really just about sharing the experience of great movies/shows with other like-minded folks.”

Steelberg finds all the old boxes he uses from local thrift stores. And his work entails much more than just Photoshop.

“It’s a mixture of everything really,” he said of his creative process. “I had a friend tell me recently that my style was quote ‘artisanal.’ I thought that was awesome!”

Take a look at his throwback tape collection.

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