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I wanna know… Is it illegal to park on the left side of the street and face oncoming traffic like in a residential area?

It is illegal to drive on the left hand side of the street and park on the left hand side of the street. The Ordinance is as follows: 19.0401: PARALLEL PARKING DEFINITION.Parallel parking shall mean that all motor vehicles or other vehicles shall be drawn up parallel to the curb,gutter or sidewalk on the right-hand side of the street, the hub of both wheels on the right-hand side of thevehicle to be within one foot of the curb, gutter or sidewalk on and along the street upon which suchvehicles are parked, and no vehicle shall be parked nearer than three feet of the front door or rear of anyother vehicle. (C-14)

I wanna know... Is there an ordinance that prohibits boats and campers to be parked on the streets all the time?

18.0101: PARKING OF VEHICLES PROHIBITED(d) No motor vehicle or other vehicle shall be parked or remain upon any street or avenue right ofway in any one location within the limits of this city for a period of time exceeding 24 consecutivehours, and thereafter, such parked vehicle must be moved a minimum distance of fifty (50) feetfrom that location before being allowed to park for an additional twenty-four (24) hour period.E-506; E-544–1), Ord.No. 04-05: Revised 6-16-04)

I wanna know… When is the Independence Day parade in Watertown this year?
The parade takes place along Kemp Avenue in uptown Watertown, beginning at 2:00 p.m on July 4th. Gates open at the Watertown Stadium at 6:00 p.m. where you can enjoy activities for kids, a live music performance, and a spectacular fireworks display.

I wanna know… Are the school zones still 15 MPH even in the summer or only when the lights are flashing during the school zones. Also is the zone around Garfield on 11th Street a school zone? It looks different than the other school zones.

We sent your question to the Watertown Police Department. Here is the answer from the Asst. Police Chief Scott McMahon.

In school zones where there is a flashing light, the light has been disabled until school resumes in the fall. The 15mph speed sign will be removed within the next week as the street department does not begin removing them until after school is closed for the summer. Once the 15 mph signs are removed, then the speed becomes 25mph as the speed in city limits is 25mph unless otherwise posted.

The Garfield School area does not have a flashing light. Two other schools IC School and the Middle school also do not have flashing lights. The speed limit is 15mph on 11th Street while the sign is up. All schools have a sign that says speed limit 15mph and a sign beneath it that says 8-5 Monday thru Friday.

Some schools do have special summer programs and they all have playground equipment that continues to be used throughout the summer. Therefore, we would ask that motorists always drive through school zones with extra caution.

I wanna know…. What are the hours at the landfill south of Watertown?

The landfill is open to Watertown Residents from 8am – 3:45pm Monday – Saturday. The Watertown landfill is just 3 miles south of Watertown on Hiway 81.

When is the City Wide Clean up when the big trucks come and pick up old trees and beds etc?
The City of Watertown will sponsor the Annual City Wide Clean-up beginning Monday May 2nd and ending Friday May 6th 2011.

There is no need to call the Police Department to schedule pickup. Place your items on your boulevard on Saturday April 30th or Sunday May 1st to ensure they are collected during Clean-up Week. Items set out on the boulevard prior to Saturday April 30th may be subject to a ticket.

The City will not go back over an area once it is completed.

Only the following items will be collected at the curb. Please sort into two separate piles.

1. Recycling pile: washers/dryers, stoves/ranges, dishwashers, hot water heaters, furnaces,
bikes, lawn mowers, tillers, snow blowers, microwaves, exercise equipment, grills,
water softeners, refrigerators & freezers (doors removed), and air conditioners. Do not
remove Freon. The Watertown Regional Landfill will remove all Freon.

2. Garbage pile: carpet, furniture and mattresses.

Items not accepted:

Building material, glass, remodeling or construction rubble, concrete,
motor oil, batteries, trees, liquids and/or petroleum products, tires, cardboard, styrofoam, clothing, shoes, books, magazines, yard waste, wood or any hazardous wastes.

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Why does the City of Watertown not recycle glass? Brookings has a no sort recyeling collection process where everything goes into one container. Can Watertown get to that level?
Is there a City Wide Garage sale weekend in Watertown?

I am new to Watertown and want to know if there is a group of people interested in putting on a Smokefest in Watertown this summer.