November 29, 2019

Mike Tanner

KWAT Radio News


WATERTOWN, S.D.–Watertown Regional Airport is ending 2019 with a bang. On Wednesday, the airport reached the 10,000 mark in airline passenger boardings for the year….

That’s airport manager Todd Syhre. The nine million dollars he was referencing comes in the form of a federal grant that was announced last week. That money will be used to build a new airport terminal in Watertown.

Reaching 10,000 passengers this year is even more impressive when you consider Watertown was without commercial air service the first quarter of this year when California Pacific Airlines went bankrupt….

Syhre says ridership numbers will continue to be strong through the holidays and beyond…..

Mayor Sarah Caron says the nine million dollar grant won’t cover the entire construction cost of building a new terminal, but more money will likely come down the pipeline….