Weekly Area Fishing Report

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3 Buck Slough ,Vienna fair fair lake is giving up some fish.
Anderson Slough slow slow  
Antelope Lake, Day Co.  slow slow  
Baileys Lake -Clark Co. slow    
Big Stone Lake fair fair Middle of lake for perch.(Power plant-lots of geese)
Bitter Lake slow slow  
Blue Dog Lake slow    
Brandt lake-lake co. slow    
Brush Lake By Volga slow geese some good perch caught…lately-off hwy 14 area
Bullhead-Deuel County slow slow  
Casey's Clark County slow   some icefisherman have fished the lake
Cattail Kettle Lake slow slow  
Clear Lake - Deuel County slow slow  
Clear Lake-Hamlin County slow fair  
Clear Lake-Roberts County slow slow  
DRY LK.1 CLARK CO slow slow  
Dry Lake - Codington Co fair slow  
Dry Lake-2 Clark County fair fair  
Enemy Swim slow slow some crappies caught & a few bluegill
Goose lake-Codington co. fair slow a few limits of walleyes caught
Grass Lake Codington co. slow slow  
Hazelton - Day County slow    
Highway 81 ponds fair fair west pond & s.w. pond giving up fish
Horseshoe,Day Co. slow slow  
Hougie Slough, Day Co.    slow  
Indian Springs - Clark Co. slow slow  
Lake Albert slow slow  
Lake Alice,Deuel Co. slow fair  
Lake Campbell-Brookings slow    
Lake Cocrane-Deuel co. slow    
Lake Hendricks slow    
Lake Henry-Kingsbury slow slow  
Lake Herman slow slow  
Lake Jessie slow slow  
Lake John next toLake Mary slow slow  
Lake Kampeska slow slow  
Lake Lily  N. of Bradley slow slow  
Lake Madison slow slow still some ducks & geese in the area
Fish Lake,Deuel Co. slow slow  
Lake Norden slow    
Lake Oliver Deuel Co   slow  
Lake Pelican     Test netting shows very  low Walleye & Perch population!
Lake Poinsett slow slow  
Lake Thompson fair slow A few crappies caught.Some waterfowl remain in the area.
Lake Traverse slow    
Long lake-cod county slow slow  
Lynn Lake slow slow  
Missouri River-Chamberlain slow    
Missouri River-Pierre fair   Small canada geese in the pocket..S.E. of Pierre
Missouri River-Whitlock Bay fair   very little ice in the bays.Some mallards in the area.
Minnewasta-Day co slow slow  
Oakwood Lake-Brookings slow slow  
Opitz-Marshall County slow    
Pepper Slough -Clark Co. slow fair  
Pickeral Lake slow slow  
Piyas Lake N&E of Webster slow slow The only access is on N.end. You do need tribal license!
Punished Woman, Cod. Co. slow    
Rush lake-Day co.(South) slow slow  
Reetz Slough slow slow a few fish caught
Round Lake,Deuel Co.    slow  
Roy Lake slow slow  
Sinai Lake-Brookings Co. slow slow  
South Buffalo                          slow    
Stink Lake-Codington Co. slow slow  
Stink Lake-near roy lake slow slow  
Swan Lake, Clark Co.  slow slow fisherman trying S.E.corner
Waubay Lake slow slow a few fisherman out
Whitewood -Kingsbury Co.  slow   Test netting shows very good Perch population!
Wolf slough slow fair  
Upper Oahe 11/20 geese ducks snows        
  2100 5730 0
Lower oahe 3000 90,000 4,300
Pierre area 11,000 400  
Lake Sharpe 3,600 31,500 6,400

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