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We would like to thank you for the broadcasting and streaming the Watertown Arrow games this season.  My husband's health prevents us from attending the games and we appreciate being able to watch the games as well as listen to them.  We hope that you will be able to continue to broadcast next season as well.
Again, thank you.
Tammy Kellogg

Todd Enderson, thank you again for doing a bang up job of broadcast and announcing the Watertown Girls Basketball game from Yankton
last night. We really do enjoy spending the evenings with you and watching our granddaughter Savannah, play basketball, as we sit in
our living room (computer hooked up to the TV), and of course our grandson Marcus Gravatt play occasionally with the Boys Basketball
Thanks again,
Dick & Jane Sorensen
Mesa, AZ

Thank you for providing the Live Feed for the Arrows Football games.   I live in Texas and it’s great to be able to listen to the game and Watertownch my Grandson, Alex Thorson, play.  I was in South Dakota for the Mitchell game and plan to return for another game this fall.  Thank you once again! Becky Thompson 


 Hi Todd,
     We aren’t strangers but I am Al Jensen, Jess Poppen’s grandfather.  My understanding is that you are basically responsible for the webcast of the JV and Sophomore games.
     This letter is to thank you for the opportunity you give to us when attendance is not possible for some reason or other.  My guess is the webcast is fruit from a Christian heart.
     If you have received concerns about picture quality, etc., my feeling is you can only do what you can do.  I am lucky in that, having followed most of those kids for so many years , I can tell who they are by the way they move and run.... even from the “end zone” camera.
     I don’t know how you are going to handle the Rapid City weekend but I hope you get the necessary help to pull it off.  Good luck to you in this new year and thanks again.
Al “Buzz” Jensen


We watched our granddaughter Savannah Gravatt play basketball last night, thanks to KWAT. We are snowbirds and are in Mesa, AZ for
the winter, and because of YOU we get to watch the Girls and Boys basketball games, just like being right in the arena. Thank You.
Dick and Jane Sorensen


Hi Todd,
We, too, take a break from SD and winter in AZ, and the main reason I
do not enjoy going is that I can't watch our grandson Trevor Jutting
play BB.   You have made it more tolerable for me with your announcing
and webcasting of the games.    We are even able to watch the JV games
in which Trevor plays quite a lot.    We want you to know we are very
appreciative of this and thank you very much.    We also tune into
"What's Up" and also enjoy reading the local news items you have on
your site.    Of course, the temperature is an interet item for us.
We are enjoying sunny warm temps this year in AZ.   Keep up the good
Dennis and Sharyl Mennenga
Green Valley, AZ


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