Public Meeting about Meandered and Non-Meandered Water 5/9/17

Dakota Sportsman Inc. Watertown, along with South Dakota Wildlife Federation (SDWF) would like to invite sportsmen/women to our public meeting about Meandered and Non-Meandered water here in South Dakota.

The presentation is open to the public and will be held on; Tuesday, May 9th 7:00 PM in the Heritage Theater located at the Watertown Event Center.

There will be a Power Point presentation including the history of water, The Public Trust Doctrine along with the “Economic Impacts” of the recent Supreme Court Decision Durrer V. Hepler, that rural SD may experience with the recent court ruling.

GFP Secretary Kelly Hepler is also scheduled to speak, along with other “guest” speakers have been invited but have not confirmed their ability to attend.

Dakota Sportsman Inc. and SDWF are trying to be proactive in moving in the right direction for everyone. We have invited all 105 legislators to this meeting.  It is a state-wide issue and affects all of us.

Dakota Sportsman Inc. is about 200 members strong and is one of SDWF’s 16 Affiliate Clubs Dakota Sportsman Inc. is located in Watertown, SD.

Our goal is to disseminate accurate and factual information to the public and to help everyone to understand the recent decision. We are also soliciting questions from the public to be presented to the speakers. If you have a question you would like to be asked to the speakers, please E-mail them to We are expecting a large crowd so individual questions from the audience will not be taken or asked for. We are hoping to select 10 question to present to the speakers.

  • Colleen Winge

    I sympathise with farmers who have lost land under water in
    Day County and other county’s of the state. However they can and many do receive tax breaks for these acres. That being said, many fields are being tiled and while drying up acres to be farmable on that field the water which normally soaked into the ground is now rushed out of one field only to build up in a lower lying area and increasing the surface area of water over farm land there that naturally never happens.

    The lakes brought up by the four farmers in Day County are known to naturally go up and down over long periods of time sometimes being dry for periods of twenty or thirty years then likewise underwater for periods of the same periods of time according to some older local farmers of that area. The four farmers in Day County have been clear that they want to capitalize on the fish in these waters by so called renting the rights of there land at a price. According to state legislature that is agricultural and taxes should probably go back up for these waters with fish in them.

    The tax payers have a significant investment in the fish in all of these waters being closed off to access. None of them would have the fish in them like they do if it was not for tax payer money for creel reports, stocking fish, flooding of fish rearing ponds, ect. Why cannot the SDGFP then net fish when, how, and as often as they wish necessary to stock other lakes with those fish from these non meandering lakes?

    Thank You!
    Randy Winge