Russia banning imports of U.S. soybeans amid GMO concerns (Audio)

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Starting today, Russia is banning imports of U.S soybeans due to concerns related to the risk of delivering GMO products into their country. 


South Dakota soybean grower Dave Poppens of Lennox serves on the American Soybean Association Board of Directors. He thinks the Russians are playing politics with this ban….



He says it’s important whether it’s Russia or any other trading partner that they base their trade decisions on sound science…..



Poppens says U.S. trade officials need to keep the lines of communication open with any potential customer in order to keep markets opening and goods flowing…..



This year, Russia has imported 395,000 metric tons of soybeans, making it the 10th largest buyer overall.

  • Micky

    The Russians are basing their decisions on sound science provided by their own academic scientists. For some reason they don”t seem to want to use Monsanto”s bought and paid for pseudo-scientists at places like David Chicoine”s SDSU. Sorry Dave, but until land grant universities like SDSU start doing unbiased, independent research again they won”t be taken seriously by their peers. Especially the foreign ones beyond Monsanto”s reach.